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Perles de La Mer

Surimi pearls with scallop taste!

Winner of the Seafood Excellence Global award 2017 for the best convenient seafood product!
Low fat
High in proteins
No colorants
No polyphosphates
Fish with great taste of scallops!
These Perles de la Mer have a great scallop taste and a nice bite. Scroll down for some more advantages!
Sustainable fish
Perles de La Mer are made from MSC certified fish.
This means that the responsibly caught fish is handled with care and can be traced all the way back to the sustainable source.
By choosing fish product with the MSC logo, you contribute to the health of the world’s oceans.
How to cook them?
Perles de La Mer offer a fantastic range of possibilities. They are delicious when fried in a pan, but they can also be boiled, grilled, steamed and even be eaten cold.
Find some tasty recipes below!


Perles de La Mer au gratin 2
Pasta with Perles de La Mer and cherry tomatoes
Cream of Perles de La Mer
Scrambled eggs with Perles de La Mer
Appetizer with courgette, tomato and Perles de La Mer
Perles de La Mer with roasted bacon and oranges
Perles de La Mer with saffron
Perles de La Mer au gratin 1
Salad with Perles de La Mer
(Español) Mejillones rabiosos con perlas de mar
(Español) Ceviche con Perlas de Mar

Perles de La Mer

is for those who:

Love the taste
of scallops
Look for the convenience of
a longer shelf life
Love to discover
new things
Want to pimp their
healthy recipes

Perles de La Mer